Tallyman expert in Russia. Survey service by SKS-M

Tallyman expert in Novorossiysk. Survey service by SKS-M

When carrying out cargo transportation, it is recommended to use the services of specialists who are engaged in the calculation of all loaded and discharged goods. Tallyman expert in Russia (Novorossiysk) and other cities of the Russian Federation and beyond its borders is carried out by the SKS-M Company which monitors your cargo to the final destination. This service of our independent survey company is used for receiving/delivery of freight carried on the account of the cargo.


Tally services | Control loading system

Tally services in the implementation of transportation include

  • general characteristics of the cargo;
  • information about the amount of cargo, its condition, packaging and labelling;
  • information on cargo damage found during the inspection.


All data collected during the inspections are necessary for the control of the integrity and safety of the cargo at all stages of its transportation. They are accumulated in a special document which is called “Tally report”. It can be used as evidence in cases related to the investigation of loss, theft and shortages identified in the work of tallyman expert.


Tallyman Novorossiysk | Quantitative survey

Depending on the nature of the cargo, its volume, circumstances and places of loading and discharge, tallyman expert conducts the account by various methods.

The major share of goods in the implementation of tally and inspection are food products. There is a particularly high risk of theft, which can occur at any stage of transportation. The surveyor in the course of his work establishes a method of theft after receiving from tallyman expert primary information. To do this, our company has created a system of clear interaction, identifying shortages and theft. The most important component of the investigation of such cases is a properly drawn up tally sheet.

Tally services are an integral part of our survey service. Their execution requires specific training of the performer and necessary skills. Tallyman expert in Russia (Novorossiysk) from the SKS-M Company ensures a professional approach to the inspection of the goods. The work of our survey organization will save all parties to the transaction for the sale of goods from unrest and accomplish timely and quality transportation with the implementation of all necessary checks in these cases.

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