Survey services in Russia. SKS-M international surveyors

Survey services in Novorossiysk. SKS-M international surveyors

If you regularly carry out cargo transportation around the world, you need to have constant control over the condition of the goods. International survey company SKS-M in Russia operates in Novorossiysk, Vladivostok and other cities and regions of Russia. In addition, our offices and partners work in most countries of the world.


International surveyor in Novorossiysk | Types of inspection

Our surveyor and tallyman services around the world are all key players in the freight market and the major producers of goods.

“SKS-M” survey services include:

  • quality examination of goods;
  • tally services;
  • verification of cargo marking and the necessary transport documents;
  • check the integrity of the packaging of the goods;
  • checking the condition of the cargo (each product name is checked, samples and measurements are made);
  • sampling for laboratory tests;
  • inspection and technical inspection of vehicles;
  • sealing and removal of seals;
  • control during loading/discharge of goods;
  • preparation and provision of a survey report indicating all the characteristics of the cargo, including documentation.

The latter is made in Russian and English and can significantly speed up the process of customs clearance.


SKS-M survey activities | Conduct a survey

Survey activities allow customers to have complete information about the cargo, regardless of its location at any given time. We conduct surveys throughout the Russian Federation, as well as in most countries of the world.

In addition to the implementation of survey inspections directly during loading / discharge of goods, we are able to carry out inspections of the goods at the stage of their production. This will prevent all errors and an omission that may occur, and make operational changes. The process includes the following:

  • determination of the required quality and quantity of materials required for the production of goods;
  • control over the timing of production;
  • alignment of the control samples of the product;
  • control of compliance with the terms and conditions of storage of goods before shipment to our client;
  • quality control of packaging and correct labelling;
  • preparation of the survey report on the inspection carried out by our company.


Thus, our job is to make you fully confident in the quality and timing of delivery of your cargo. International survey company SKS-M in Russia (Novorossiysk, Vladivostok) and other cities of the Russian Federation guarantees reliable support of your goods, since a stage of production and finishing with its transfer to the final consumer. Our experts and their long-term experience will help to quickly resolve all arising questions at implementation of cargo transportation.

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