Survey service in Russia carried out by the SKS-M Company

Survey service in Novorossiysk carried out by the SKS-M Company

Very often, transport companies engaged in the transportation of goods, also offer services for their support. The SKS-M company is ready to offer you survey service in Russia (Novorossiysk) and other cities of the Russian Federation, as well as in the near and far abroad. Many years of experience of our specialists and the highest qualification will allow you not to worry about the safety of goods.


The survey examination Novorossiysk

Survey is a service provided by an independent expert organization SKS-M for comprehensive control over the movement and storage of goods. Checks are made on the basis of the analysis of the following characteristics: biological, chemical or physical conditions. The application is submitted by one of the parties to control the quality of the goods at all stages of its transportation.


The surveyor’s expertise includes:

  • inspection of cargo and its packaging for possible damage;
  • carrying out control measures during the movement of goods, as well as during discharge/loading;
  • assessment of marking status;
  • inspect the conditions of warehousing and storage of cargo;
  • tallyman report;
  • inspection of vehicles provided for the carriage of goods;
  • carrying out the necessary expert actions in cases of disputes between the parties of the deal;
  • sealing of transport;
  • identification and investigation of insurance claims.


An independent tally report | To order

Our company, performing the duties of the surveyor and providing the services mentioned above, also provides the tallyman report required for the movement of goods. This multipage document provides information collected during all phases of inspection of the goods. It also provides links to relevant regulations and the final result. An independent surveyor should carry out the inspection and report. This is a guarantee that the results of the examination and its objectivity cannot be challenged by any of the parties of the deal.

In addition, the tallyman report is an opportunity to quickly resolve disputes between the buyer and the supplier, which will help to avoid legal proceedings. Survey service in Russia (Novorossiysk) carried out by the SKS-M company ensures successful transaction and high-quality delivery of cargo to the end user. We do everything we can to make you relaxed for your cargo.

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