Services of the surveyor in Russia. European surveyor SKS-M

Services of the surveyor in Novorossiysk. European surveyor SKS-M


Companies and entrepreneurs who conduct active business with European countries and are engaged in the supply of goods to our country, need 24 hours a day to have comprehensive information about the status of their cargo. European survey company SKS-M operates in Russia (Novorossiysk, Vladivostok) and many other cities of Russian Federation, as well as in most countries of Europe and Asia. Our experts will be able to provide prompt and qualified assistance regardless of the location of your cargo.


Providing of the survey services

We provide survey services in Europe, Asia and America. Our services are used on a regular basis by the majority of the companies-participants of the market of cargo transportation, and one of the largest cargo producers.

Survey services carried out by SKS-M include:

  • ·         the examination of the goods;
  • ·         tallyman expert services;
  • ·         correct marking of the goods and the required transport documents;
  • ·         check of the packaging for damage;
  • ·         laboratory tests of samples;
  • ·         control over the condition of vehicles and its examination;
  • ·         sealing of goods;
  • ·         control of loading/discharge processes;
  • ·         survey report.


The survey report contains all the information characterizing the cargo. It is compiled in two languages, Russian and English, and is an indispensable instrument to speed-up the process of customs clearance.


Survey inspection by SKS-M

Survey inspection is necessary in order that you have all the information about the cargo, regardless of where it is at the present time. SKS-M provides survey services throughout the Russian Federation, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific region.

Survey checks provided by our company are carried out not only in the process of transportation and loading/discharge, but also during the manufacturing of a product that you purchase. This ensures that there are no factors that can change the internals of the goods, if necessary, it is possible to adjust the work of the supplier and to make appropriate changes.


Survey inspection includes:

  • ·         determination of materials, their quality and quantity required for production;
  • ·         control over the execution of the agreed terms of production;
  • ·         approval of product samples at all stages of production;
  • ·         control over the terms and conditions of storage of goods until shipment;
  • ·         check of the quality of packaging and labelling;
  • ·         entering all the above information to the survey report.


To summarize, we work to ensure that you do not worry about the timing and quality of the goods delivered to you. European survey company SKS-M in Russia can guarantee the support of the cargo, starting from the stage of production and ending with its delivery to your address. High qualification of our experts and their long-term experience will serve as a guarantee of the solution of all arising questions during implementation of cargo transportation.

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